• We are happy to announce new information about e-Panchayat. Under e-Panchayat a suite of 11 Core Common Applications has been envisaged that address nearly the entire spectrum of Panchayats' functioning viz. Our researchers, from which you can also buy custom college essays on the https://order-essays.com/article/custom-college-papers/ company's website, highlight the following basic functions from internal core functions such as Planning, Monitoring, Implementation, Budgeting, Accounting, and Social Audit etc. to citizen service delivery operations like issue of certificates, licenses etc. Together these eleven software Applications constitute the Panchayat Enterprise Suite (PES). Four of these Software Applications - namely PRIASoft, PlanPlus, National Panchayat Portal and Local Government Directory have been in use by the States/UTs for over three years now. Six more Applications namely Area Profiler, ServicePlus, National Asset Directory, ActionSoft, Social Audit & Meeting Management and Trainings Management were launched on the occasion of National Panchayati Raj Day on 24th April, 2012 and trainings are being imparted on these Applications to enable easy adoption and hand holding of the States/UTs. A list of these 11 Applications is tabulated below:
Sl. No. Application Description
1.) PRIASoft
Captures receipt & expenditure details through voucher entries and automatically generates cash book, registers, etc.
2.) PlanPlus
Helps Panchayats, Urban Local Bodies and line departments in preparing Perspective, Annual and Action Plans.
3.) National Panchayat Portal (NPP)
Dynamic Web site for each Panchayat to share information in public domain.
4.) Local Government Directory
Captures all details of local governments and assigns unique code. Also maps Panchayats with Assembly and Parliamentary Constituencies.
5.) ActionSoft
Facilitates monitoring of physical & financial outcomes/outputs under various programmes.
6.) National Asset Directory (NAD)
Captures details of assets created/maintained; helps avoid duplication of works.
7.) Area Profiler
Captures geographic, demographic, infrastructural, socio-economic and natural resources profile of a village/panchayat. Universal database for planning of all sectoral programmes and also provides details of Elected Representatives, etc.
8.) ServicePlus
A dynamic metadata-based service delivery portal to help in providing electronic delivery of all services in all States. The functionality of the erstwhile Grievance Redressal Application has also been subsumed into this Application.
9.) Social Audit and Meeting Management (SAMM)
Captures details of statutory meetings held at ZP/BP/GP levels and prepares reports for social audit
10.) Trainings Management
Portal to address training needs of stakeholders including citizens, their feedback, training materials etc.
11.) Geographic Information System (GIS)
A spatial layer to view all data generated by all Applications on a GIS map
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